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Nanedi Valles is a portal to an affordable, luxurious lifestyle. We design elegant, handcrafted accessories Made in the Americas.




Amanda Zielinski is the founder of NANEDI VALLES. While building her career and traveling overseas for over two decades, Amanda assembled a personal collection of jewelry and handbags from Hong Kong, to the upscale markets of New Delhi and Bangkok. NANEDI VALLES was born out of these unique experiences and propelled forward with the mission of bringing affordable luxury back to America.

NANEDI VALLES designs are simple, functional, geometric and inspired by the 1970’s edgy-elegance; in an era that also witnessed an explosion across space, science and technology. Florence Knoll, Stephanie Kwolek and Halston are among the many influencers that inspire each and every NANEDI VALLES design.

Amanda has held positions at IDEO, The Gap, Williams-Sonoma and fuseproject where she has immersed herself wholly across design, product development, sourcing, brand and supply chain optimization. Amanda completed her MBA in 2018 from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, with a focus on sustainability, design strategy, systems innovation and the future of retail.

In addition to her design work, Amanda actively supports a variety of business and nonprofit organizations that focus on empowering women, female-led companies, ethical and eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

NANEDI VALLES is proudly based in West Oakland, California.

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